Baby cravings

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All grown

Lately I've noticed I'm getting older. All around me couples are getting married or having their first child. But a few years ago it was all about enjoying life. Getting on track, finishing (or quiting) college. Getting a job. Becoming a grownup. People would say: ahh you really should just enjoy your life. Don't have babies. Travel, see the world and all that kind of things.

The next step

But now when I'm nearing the end of my twenties things have changed. Now they're saying: isn't it time to take the next step? You're not getting any younger you know.
And it got me wondering. What the hell happened between just enjoy life and well you're not getting any younger? Is it the eggs that are shrivelling in my uterus? Or is it the fact that I'm in a steady relationship with a potential good baby maker? Or that our house is big enough for expanding our family? Or that I have a good job now?

Tick Tock

I must admit I'm getting the baby cravings occasionally. They can get really strong and I've noticed they got stronger over the years. That can only mean one thing: my biological clock is ticking and it's letting met know that my best years for baby making are right now.
But hey, life can't be coordinated with time and clocks. Time is not important, only life is. So I'm sure I still have a couple of good years ahead of me till my alarm starts ringing.


  1. Baby's are cute but that's only about two years... Than they become children, adolescents....
    Being a parent takes a lot

  2. Oeps.. Barry dus

  3. Hahaha I watched the video, thanks Barry. Did your kids do this when they were little?

  4. Of course not. This children are alwa


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