Lunch at Taste

My sister in law is in town. She lives in South-Africa with her husband and they are visiting Holland for two weeks. So today is all about hanging out with the girls, including sis in law, step sis in law and my mother in law. Thankfully we all get a long great. So today we are having lunch in the city where my in laws reside. Well city, it's actually a little village just about half an hour drive from where we live. I love having lunch in a restaurant. Just elaxing, talking, having some coffee and enjoying a proper meal. And I really should enjoy my last 'vacation' days since I'm starting my new job next monday. 

There were so many yummy things to choose from the menu. And of course the dish I ordered was huge! My sis in law had to order frikandellen. Which is a meaty Dutch snack only available here.

So here are some pictures of the tasty dishes

Can you believe it? Triple layer sandwiches and curly fries. We even ordered some extra fries on the side as well. I REALLY like pictures of food. It's like food pornography. 

From left to right: my mom in law, me, step sis in law and sis in law all the way from South-Africa.

We had a great time, talking about our new jobs and job applications. And naturally we had to discuss our great finds in the last few weeks of sale.
Step sis in law had a great encounter when ordering the birthday cakes for her boyfriend online. She was like: I ordered two really cute cakes with a picture of the birthday boy. And I was like: Huh just two? Aren't you supposed two order at least six? Cause I had those cakes before and they came in batches of six. That made her doubt about how many cakes she ordered. 
She was like: I already thought they where quite expensive for just the two of them. So she checked her order online and spend the rest of the meal thinking out loud what the hell she was supposed to do with twelve cakes?! 
After our lovely meal we had some refreshing fresh mint tea with honey.
It was actually the very first time we were all together with just us girls. So it was extra special for my mom in law.

What did you have for lunch today?


  1. Seems you have a nice family meal! Btw, those curly fries are looking tasty

    1. Yes we did. And those curly fries were the best, chockfull of flavor and crispy :-)


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