New adventure: the job of my dreams

This is good old Jheronimus Bosch, a famous Dutch painter
Photo: courtesy of Tessa Rondberg
So, today I received an e-mail with a job offer. Which exact tasks I'm going to fulfill aren't clear. But after 2 years of working in an office and being glued to the pc and phone, this might be the job I was waiting for.
I came by it like out of the blue. At my very last day at my former job I had to deliver a package to a company. As I went there the owner invited me in for coffee. And I thought: well I haven't got anything to do today considering I'm unemployed as of this very moment so I sat down. The guy started telling me what was happening at their location. And I was very interested because they are situated in a 200 years old building. With my Cultural Heritage background I started listening carefully and an opportunity begun to rise clearly in my head.
So I just asked him: Do you have a job for me? I've studied Cultural Heritage and I find it very interesting what is happening here. He of course, was a little bit swept of his feet but he actually was looking for someone.
So then the ball started rolling. 

And now two weeks after that conversation they tell me that they want me. And oh boy how nice it is to be wanted! After all those turndowns and job application letters I wrote. 
I also find it kind of scary. Am I up for this? Can I do this?
I should, but the good old insecurity is never far away. So when I begin next monday I'm just gonna let everything come over me and just be calm and relaxed. At least, I'll try.


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