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Play that funky music

If you have been reading my last posts you know that music plays a big role in my life. 
When I'm home I always have the radio on or when I'm working I listen to my songs on the computer. So for today I'm making my very own playlist with my top 5 favorite songs of this moment.

1. Do you like pina colada?

When I'm feeling down I like to listen to this song: Escape from Rupert Holmes. It's a song that has been used a lot in movies. For instance in The sweetest thing where it's sung by Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate when it's on their car radio.

2. Knock, knock...

Knockin' on heaven's door by Bob Dylan is a bit of a sad song but it is sung so beautifully. It also has a nice bass part in it

3. Golden oldies

I play in 2 bands. At first I started of with Rising Tigers. A band formed from friends whom I've met in school. And about half a year a go my uncle asked me to join his band because he needed a bass player. Now my uncle is about 60 years old. So are all the other players. And they love to play songs from their youth. Now I didn't now a lot about the music back then. But it has influenced me in a good way. I now get to appreciate songs from Tom Jones, Percy Sledge and The Everly Brothers. One of the songs I'm learning to play is Green green grass of home by Tom Jones. 

4. Inner Whitney

Okay, so there are songs that you really need to sing out loud when you're like home alone. Who cares how it sounds? I like to sing a long with Alannah Myles's Black Velvet.

5. Ah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Bruno Mars has sneaked it's way in to Rising Tigers' repetoire. His songs are catchy, quite easy to play and great to sing. One of his latest songs Locked out of heaven is practiced by us repeatedly. 

So what do you think? Any requests?

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