Rising Tigers bandpractice

One of my favorite hobbies is my band: Rising Tigers.
We started about 1,5 years a go. It's so much fun to make music together and to be able to express yourself through your instrument. Along with Nigel I take care of the bass part in our songs. Yes we have two bass players. This way we are able to sing as the other plays bass and vice versa. Our drummer is Dwight. But he can also play guitar and sing. Then we have Vivian who is rocking the guitar and has an amazing voice. And finally we've got Jenny, our Mozart on keyboard. We haven't performed yet but I think this year we are ready for it. It would be great to play on a birthday party or something.

Here are some picture of our latest band practice

Me and Vivian singing
Nigel on bass and Dwight on drums
Jenny on keys, me on bass and Nigel

I tried to upload a clip of one of our songs, but I think the file was to big.
So I'll try to upload elsewhere and link it back to this post.  Here's a video of our version of Bruno Mars's Marry you!

What role does music play in your life?

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