Scientist slapstick

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Yesterday hubby and I went to a housewarming+birthday of on of my oldest friends.
She and I met about ten years a go. And al though we always lived quite far away from each other we always stayed in touch. My good friend just finished her masters in Psychology and her boyfriend is a scientist. So there were also a lot of fellow scientists at the party. Something I found very interesting.

My good friend had told me before that sometimes she feels like she's in an episode of The Big Bang Theory when the scientists are around. So naturally I was skimming the room for a look-a-like Sheldon or Leonard. 

photo: courtesy of tvbreakroom
But I found myself a bit disappointed. I got in to a chat with a long skinny fella wearing a bright orange sweatshirt and glasses. I asked him if he was a friend of the host and he told me they knew each other from university. He was actually quite the funny guy. I asked him if he had seen any cute ladies at the party and he was a bit taken a back by my question. But when I gained some of his trust he pointed out a tall blonde which he referred to as the surfer chick. Than he asked me if I had seen anything worthwhile. And I was like, no man I'm with the hubs this isn't really the situation where I check other people out haha.
Then we fel in to a conversation about how the hubby and I met. Which was at an elektro party. I was there with my niece and she knew him. And I asked her why I didn't knew him yet. And so we got in contact with each other and the rest is history.

I found this young man quite easy to chat with. What was I expecting? Sheldon type of guys? None quite the manner. I asked the orange sweatshirt wearing dude if he knew any interesting science tests to show at the party. His fellow scientist friend then told us he knew something cool with some lighter fluid and a five euro bill. We asked the hostess if she had any lighter fluid and she told us not to take the word housewarming to literally. So no tests for us.

It was a great party with good conversation and nice people. At least something good to look forward to at their next party.

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