Spotlight: Pascal Juinen Photography

One of my favorite things to do when surfing online is looking at photo's. Pinterest is one of the sites I visit almost daily to get some eye candy. What I like about photography is the way certain things in a shot resemble the photographer. I also love looking at pictures of other people as well. Is that weird? When on Facebook I like to flip through the photo albums of my friends. What can I say, a picture says more than a thousand words. How corny it may sounds.

One of my favorite photographers is Pascal Juinen. What I like about his photo's is that they are simple yet they trigger you mind. My favorite shots from Pascal are the ones with women. All captured with their own individual beauty. He also does some nude photography. But always tasteful and pure.

Here are some of my favorite shots

You can find more of his work on

Did you know what the word photography means? Of course I had to look it up on WikipediaThe word "Photography" has been attributed in 1839 to Sir John Herschel based on the Greek word phos meaning "light", and graphĂȘ, meaning "drawing, writing", together meaning "drawing with light". Isn't that beautiful?


  1. Die bovenste foto doet me heel erg denken aan het Melkmeisje van Vermeer! Groetjes, Tessa

  2. Hi Tes, grappig dat je dat zegt. Was ook zijn bedoeling dat het een modern melkmeisje zou worden :-)


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