Coffee and cake

I'm in my second week working as a facility manager. And oh boy it's has been one busy week. So busy that I really need to force myself to take a minute and eat something.
And you know what's funny? There is pie or cake almost every single day.
And of course I don't say no to pie or cake or any other treat that comes along. So far I had apple pie pastry, green bundcake, home made apple pie, left over easter eggs and strawberry pie. So my diet at work is mostly consisting of coffee and pie.
I'll probably loose some weight with my new diet because there's just no time to eat. And for me being busy and working hard doesn't make me hungry. 

When I get home I'm really tired. I can't remember being so tired from work. But I think that's a good thing. Currently I'm also volunteering in the neighborhood. Next week I'm collecting money for the Hart Association. And I'm also participating in our neighborhood comity to organize events. It's all great fun. I've met so many wonderful people. 
But of course I have to take caution in not taking on to many responsibilities considering I'm also in two bands, have our family and house to look after.

For a girl who used to get bored real easy things are looking up great :-)

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