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Rolling in the deep

You haven't heard from me in a few days because these last days have been hectic. Not only did I start my brand new job last tuesday, I also had a bad case of pms. And those two combined were deadly. Poor hubby. He had to endure my cranky moods and binge eating moments.
But today I was feeling quite fine actually. The people I work with have been really nice. I get lots of space to fill in my hours and I help out my colleagues wherever I can. I also met a lot of our clients who have their office in our building. All creative young people trying to make a living by doing what they love. Talking about an inspirational work environment. This morning I had to help out with a problem with the electricity. Because there is no heating in the building a lot of clients hooked up mobile heaters to warm up their offices. Those things use about 2500 watts so the electric circuit got overloaded. Not my field of expertise but it was interesting nonetheless to try to figure out on which electricity group every socket was connected.

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People person

In the afternoon my laptop and I got to knew each other better. I started working with the new Windows 8. The interface looks great but I it's quite a bit different from the old Windows. I had a little trouble to adjust to this system especially because I work on a Mac at home. After midday my colleague headed up to our other location in the south for business meetings. So I was all alone. And I liked it! I send out e-mails to some clients and worked on the signs for guidance through the building. Every now and then people would pop their head in the doorway with questions, packages or requests. I enjoyed the social contact and interaction with clients, workers and visitors. 

When I got home I cooked dinner and even had energy to vacuum downstairs. But best of all I had time to write again :-)

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