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Being inspired by all things creative I like to participate in other creative people's work. A few months ago I got in touch with Micha van den Berg of High Feeling Photography. During the time I was unemployed and I wanted to keep myself busy and happy. Micha had placed an add online and was looking for fresh faces to model for her work.

We made an appointment for a test shoot and we got along quite nicely.
I felt comfortable posing for her and Micha found an interesting subject to photograph in me so we scheduled a shoot. It's not at all my wish to become a professional model. Remember that mindfulness I talked about in a previous post? Posing helps me focus on myself and being there in the moment. Letting go of my shield and expose my emotions.

I think Micha did a wonderful job. Why don't you see for yourself?

I really like black and white photography. It has a timeless and classic feel about it.

Photo: High Feeling Photography

At this point Micha was encouraging me to stir up my insides and literally move around. Which was hard because I had to let go of my shyness. 

Photo: High Feeling Photography

This one's my favorite. I has a vintage, romantic and sentimental touch.

What do you think?

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