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Letting go

My birthday is next month. I'll be 29 years old. That's quite a mature age isn't it? At least it sounds so grown up to me. When I'm nearing this time of the year I always need to reflect about what happened the past year. And I believe I have done really well. I had a tuff struggle with a depressive episode. I knew there where things that still needed work, things I had to deal with. I got help. And I'm very proud I did. For me the past year was one of exceptional personal growth. Finally letting go of my past. Dealing with things that needed to be dealt with. Acting like an adult. Confronting my fears. It was really hard. But I did it.

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Burning in the skies

I had a job that didn't fulfill me. Faith decided that I needed to get out of that place. That was a scary time. The chances of getting another job in this economic crisis were small. What if I didn't find anything in time? What if I couldn't pay the bills anymore and we were forced to leave the house we made our home? It was a time of insecurity and stress. But like most things in life it also brought good aspects. I learned to be patient with myself. I learned to enjoy my free time. I learned to stop, stand still and really feel my emotions. Not running away anymore but to let everything that I felt just be there. I learned to live with a full mind. And it worked. I try not to look further then today. Being here in the present with my mind and soul. This makes me focus on what I'm doing. Using al my senses. Finally, finding me. Discovering who I am. 

I'm swimming in the smoke

 of bridges I have burned, 

So don't apologize

I'm loosing what I don't deserve

Burning in the skies - LP

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