5 Guilty Pleasures

1. Celeb Gossip
I can spend hours checking out celeb cribs, celeb babies and celeb make-overs. Why? Because it's fun. You kinda feel you know famous people because you see them so often. I love looking at pictures of beautifull houses, red carpet gowns and adorable babies.

2. Pretend rockstar
Especially in weekend I like to turn up the volume of my feel good playlist. I use a hairbrush as a microphone and sing the stress of the week away. Of course this includes some dancing. My cats don't seem to be impressed by this though.

3. Neat freak
Yes, I've been known to be called Monica. I like my stuff color coordinated. And I need my surroundings to be tidy as a compensation for the chaos in my head.

4. Sniffing
Yes I love to smell things. You know, like that guy from perfume? Scents can really bring back memories to me or change my mood. I love to burry my nose in Nova's fur. She smells so good! I love it when I go to bed in freshly laid out sheets. And of course when I hold a little baby I can't resist to sniff their little heads for that sweet baby scent.

5. Harry
Harry and I go way back. I fell in love with him while reading The order of the phoenix. And then I read The goblet of fire, the halfblood prince and the Deadly Hollows. I attended the night premieres of the movies and really felt sad when HP7 part 2 was over. And as a true HP-fan I even got a Harry Potter inspired tattoo on my wrist. 

So these are some of the things that make me, me.

What are your guilty pleasures? Do tell ;-)

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