Bucket list

There is something about lists that gives me something to hold on to. When I'm overwhelmed and can't deal with the current situation I clear my mind by writing everything on a big sheet of paper. Every thought comes pouring out of my pen. It calms me down when I  look at my list and see all the things that need to be dealt with.

Of course making lists of nice things you want to do is even better.
So I decided to make my own bucket list. Call it a lifelong  challenge or a way to stay close to the positive things in life. I was thinking to come up with a hundred things, but I managed to squeeze out a good 25 today. Considering I'm about to turn 29 years old, I probably have a good 40 years ahead of me. So that's about  2 or 3 things a year to finish up the list. So no pressure, just fun.

A few years a go I made a list with one of my good friends. We were both single at the time and came up with a few great things we wanted to do together. So I dug up that list and decided that those 19 activities would the basis of my main bucket list.

  1. Cook dinner for each other: We cooked dinner for each other quite some times. But this is a good thing to do every now and then.
  2. Being creative together: Love to do this. I should come up with a new activity we can both participate in.
  3. Visit the Breda's Museum: I already have been there! But I think it was with someone else.
  4. Search for beech tree nuts and eat them: When is the best time for a beech tree nut hunt?
  5. Visit our hometowns as if we're tourists: great way to find out new interesting spots and do some photography along the way.
  6. Read the same book at the same time: like our own little book club. But which book shall we pick?
  7. Make our own boot trip on the Dieze: I think that's not allowed to do. But we can book a little boot trip in my new hometown when the weather get's better.
  8. Go to the theater: Also an activity we can do much more often. 
  9. Make a bike trip: okay, my good friend who I want to take this trip with once considered biking to Tibet. Because of some health issues she decided to bike to Milan, Italy instead. So I think I should do some training first before we plan this.
  10. Go to an interesting lecture: shouldn't be hard to plan. 
  11. Make energy saving solutions in our homes: loving this one, nice and practical and for a good cause.
  12. Do a photoshoot of Mandy: so my good friend can practice her photography skills.
  13. A day at the climbing wall: yes, having fun and working out at the same time.
  14. Taking pictures together: another easy way to get creative together.
  15. Painting stones: always wanted to do that. Great way to use natural materials.
  16. Go to Denmark to see the Northern Lights: this is definitely one of my favorites on the list. Can't wait to plan this one.
  17. Visit a country far, far away: there will be a point in our lives that we will both have the money and time to do this.
  18. Make a spiritual trip: I think the same conditions as for the one above apply to this one.
  19. Picknick in the hammock: hmmm, maybe there are picknick spots with hammocks somewhere?
  20. Become a mommy: well for this one I shouldn't wait 40 years to accomplish it. For now we are not able to provide for a little one with our current salaries and sky high rent. But we'll see how things go...
  21. Skydiving: I've been wanting to do this for so long! But the going rate is so expensive and locations aren't exactly around the corner.
  22. Participate in an exhibition: Since we've moved to the big house I finally have the space to paint. It would be great to see one of my paintings in an exhibition and have people actually look at it.
  23. Visit my sister in law and her husband in South Africa: The hubby's sister lives in Johannesburg with her husband. They will stay there for two years so if we want to visit them it should be this summer. But the plane tickets are really expensive in summer. Does anyone know a site with cheap tickets?
  24. Visit my cousin and his family in Chicago: One of my cousin's lives in Chicago with his wife and his newborn. It would be great to visit them and see Chicago. But again, something we have to save some money for.
  25. Write a novel: this is one for the long term. I really want to explore this way of creativeness. I've written some poetry since high school but I never took the time for bigger projects like writing a novel. I have a writing course gathering dust on the shelve. Something for the future though.
So, I've come to 25 ways, activities, experiences to explore. I think I'll start with the little ones. Are there any volunteers to help me cross of some of my bucket list activities?

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