Crawling critters

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Time flies

Wow. The past month has flown by. 
I'm still very happy with my new job and I'm starting to get used to my new rhythm. You know, getting up early, being busy all day and being beat and the end of it. Now I'm in the workflow again, I'm also enjoying it's benefits. 
Having a structured week, getting to know lots of people and best of all I got my first paycheck!
I was thinking about doing something nice for the hubby like taking him out to dinner or buying him a new pair of shoes. Cause he could really use some new kicks. And I think the kitties would be very happy with a new scratching pole.

But for now I'm really enjoying my free day (I have every other wednesday of). So this morning I took a peek at my alarm clock which said it was going of in a few minutes. And I turned it of. I thought to myself: you deserve a little sleeping in, it's your day of, relax.
Nova took the liberty to remind me that it's going to be a beautiful day by waking me with her morning song aka morning miauws.
Since I haven't written any new blogs lately I'm currently sitting at the desk. Unshowered an uncafeinated. Anything for the readers.

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Crawling critters

So today I want to do some gardening. We have a little front yard which is about 5 m2. And we have a roof terrace which is quite big. Yesterday on Queensday after hubs and I went to see the festivities I put on my yoga pants and hunched down in our front garden. It was full of weeds. And there is one weed that I particularly hate. I don't know what it's called scientifically but I call it the crawling critter. It's a real pain in the ass. Cause it suffocates my lovely plants by winding itself around them and taking up all the free space in the garden. So I pulled out all the weeds, like 3 buckets full. And I discovered mint plants, yay. Last year I planted a little mint plant form the grocery store and it didn't really thrive. So I was very happy to see that somehow it survived the winter and hopefully in a little while we can pull out some leaves for mint tea.

At the Queens market I also purchased a strawberry plant which I planted right in the middle of the garden for maximum sun exposure. I really want to grow my own produce. So today I'm heading up to the garden center to pick up some seeds and maybe a few young plants. I also want to pick up some soil to fill a few pots on the roof terrace with wild flower seeds. We don't sit there very often but maybe it becomes a little more inviting when there are lovely flowers and plants to look at. 

Do you like gardening? Perhaps you've got some tips for me ;-)

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