Crazy people in the train

Today I had my evaluation at work. I was supposed to be at headquarters at noon.
I worked for a few hours at my office before departing on the train to the lovely south.
It's about two hours by train so I turned on my laptop to get some work done. And of course, no wifi. Even though I was seated in a compartment with the wifi logo! Nonetheless I managed to do some phone calls and shorten my to-do list.

And awkward, confused looking person came walking in the train compartment (I wasn't sure if it was a male or female). The confused looking person person was vigorously looking around. Perhaps for a newspaper to read?
That happened a few times till the train came to a stop. The confused looking person sat behind the booth I was sitting in, along with a blond young woman. The confused looking person began to shout to the blonde woman. Telling her how she had been annoying her (I think it was a woman) and that she was a cunt who should mind her own business. The whole compartment was flabbergasted. The young woman had been minding her own business, quietly browsing on her smartphone. I was in dubio, should I say something to the crazy person or should I just let it go? The crazy woman then walked away to get off the train, leaving the young blonde woman startled. I told the blonde woman that she shouldn't be bothered by the crazy woman's words. She said that it was ok, that she didn't took it personally. But she did choose to get out of the train from the other side of the compartment, just in case.

What the fuck? Crazy people running around in trains freaking passengers out like that. Ain't nobody got time for that?! But I did wonder. Where was that crazy woman going or better, where did she came from? Did she escape from a mental instituition? Maybe it'll be on the news tonight: "Woman escapes from mental institution, terrorizing commuters on the train.

So did anything happen on your way to work today?

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