Old school

You know what I did today?
I wrote a letter. A handwritten letter. When I came home from my yoga class I felt relaxed enough to take the time to write a short message to a friend of mine. In the old days we used to write each other a lot. We lived quite far away from one another and we were young and hadn't the money to take the train to visit each other often. We therefor would write. And we also liked to send out our letters as little works of arts. Nowadays known as mail art.
I'm sure I have an entire shoebox full with these treasures. To me they are one of the things I would safe in case of a fire. What is more pure then a handwritten letter, the thoughts and feelings of someone you love set in ink?

Call me old fashioned, I don't care. Sometimes I even think I was brought up in the wrong age. That instead I would've sufficed better in the days of, let's say Jane Austen in the days of old 19 century Britain. Where young men would woe young maidens with letters, sealed with red wax. And people would send invites by mail instead of requesting your presence by Facebook.

I'm forced to live at todays digital speed though. Especially at work I'm expected to answer the phone, listen to voicemails, respond to mail, text messages and whatsApps.
So it's nice to slow down every now and then and commit to the art of letter writing.

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