Hot in here

Public transport

It's thursday. I'm sitting in the train from the very south of Holland to my hometown. Thank god it has airco...Of course there was the usual delay because there was a mailfunctioning road sign or something. But if the rest of my trip goes well I should be home by 19.30u pm.
S. asked if I wanted to have pancakes for dinner, they're it's favorite. I love him to death but he has the culinary tastebuds of a 3 year old. So pancakes it is, at least I don't have to cook. 

What to wear?

I always have a bit of trouble in deciding what to wear in the morning when it's bound to be really hot outside. I don't want to show too much skin and I want to feel comfortable. So today I decided on skinny jeans in a thin blue cotton. A sleeveless black top and beaded sandals. Comfy & representable. But now at the end of the day I feel smelly and gross. And I think I actually don't smell so fruity as I did when I got out of the shower. Note to self: buy spray deodorant and place in handbag.

What do you wear to work when the birds are falling from the roofs?

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