On the road again

I had to miss my car for two months. There where some issues at work about driving the company car so I'm back together with my good old Peugeot. Although I'm very happy I'm mobile again it does cost a lot of money to drive. Think taxes, insurance, gas and maintenance.
My car's supposed to get her annual check up before august 18th. Always nice to have such money devouring issues in vacation time. But nonetheless I've put some money aside in one of the piggies. I hope it is sufficient to cover the costs.

I got my Peugeot about 2 years ago. I bought it secondhand (actually third hand) from my uncle. They've only used it as a 'shopping' car so it was still in pretty good shape although she's already 14 years old. Because I got my car from a family member I was able to buy it for a very reasonable price.

I don't often wash my car. But when I do it's always with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. When the car has it's annual check up I only repair the high priority parts. I do try, when I have some extra money on hand, to give it an extra check up. When they find parts that need to be replaced  I can then chose one or two things to be replaced and smear the costs for maintenance over the year.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my grandma, she's celebrating her birthday. I hope my Peugeot will start after sitting in the garage for two months, fingers crossed!

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