First vacation, first home

If you took a holiday

Just 3 more days, till 3 weeks of no work, chilling, and finally getting some sun. I'm so excited. First we have one week at home. To get in to the vacation mood. sleep in and just relax. 
S. and I have been together for 4 years now. When we we're just dating a few weeks he asked me to go on vacation with him and two other befriended couples. Actually his friend couldn't go so I willingly sacrificed myself to go along.
We went to Turkey in 2009 to a very touristic place near the beach. It was kinda scary because we didn't know each other well back then. But we got along quite fine. We hired a van and saw some beautiful places.

S. and me, (we took the ferry to a nearby greek island).

6 Months later S. moved in with me. He was living in a student home and I had my own little 1 bedroom apartment. We also adopted Nova and so it was quite small for our little family. S. graduated and got a job in a computer store. I quit college and got a job as a commercial worker. We were really in each others way in our mini home. So we took the chance and moved to a bigger house. Now we have a lovely 3 bedroom house with two floors. So much better. Because we moved, there wasn't any money
left to take a vacation. So we enjoyed our roof terrace in our three weeks of freedom from work.

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