Kefalonia 2013

So, it has been already one month ago since we went to Kefalonia. But it feels so much longer than that. I really love fall. The colors, the temperature and the need to stay inside and read a good book. This season also brings less light and sun which can make me feel a bit down. That's why today's good day to reminisce on our summer holidays :-)....

Day 1

Still tired of the trip

 We had a daily lovely breakfast on our terrace

Lots and lots of drinking water with 34 degrees celsius 

Chilling on Xi Beach

It was already searing hot at 8 o'clock in the morning, good heavens.
So we did a lot of chilling, sitting on the beach or terrace and drinking frappe by the gallons.
It's quite a refreshing drink. The Kefalonians use instant coffee and milk and shake it with lots of ice. I like mine with some sugar and milk.
Xi Beach was great, lots of families with little kids. Beautiful palm leaf parasols and comfy beach beds. The strange thing was that there weren't tides like we have in Holland. So the fresh cooling water was only merely three meters away. The water was clear like tap water with lots of little colorful fishes to see.

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