One week, buy nothing

I started my little quest just three days ago. 
It is so easy to go out and buy something. Groceries, a cup of coffee, cute little things on sales. Monday is our weekly grocery shopping day. I'm gonna try to empty up the pantry first and see how long I can postpone running for food errands.

My little challenge also got my wondering what to spend on fun stuff like going to the movies, having lunch in town going to a museum. I divided the different needs in two categories. Things we actually need and things we want.

Things we need: 
- Two new light bulbs for our kitchen spots > they've been needing replacement for months, so a few more weeks won't hurt
- gas > we had two birthdays out of town this weekend. I rarely fill the tank all the way up. Usually I spend E 50,- for one gas run. But for now I decided to bring that down to E 40,-. I went to a self service gas station which usually saves a few euros. The gas tank in our car is just a bit more than half way full now. Let's see if we can make it last at least two weekends.
- groceries > a good idea to sum up some meal plans according to our pantry staples!
- presents > I already had bought the presents for the two birthdays we had a few week ago. So no extra expenses there.

Things I/we want:
- going to the movies: there are two big movie theaters in our town. One's in the busy center the other is a couple of miles away by car. We always go to the one further away. The tickets are cheaper and so are the beverages, snacks and parking. They also sell discount cards which brings down the ticket price to just E 6,- per show. I am thinking about purchasing this card, need to discus this with S.
- have a cup of coffee in the city: one of S's and my weekend traditions. Being out and about, getting some fresh air. Having some time together. I think this one belongs in the category Things we need. 
- shop for baby clothes: baby's not here yet. There are enough clothes in the closet for the baby to be dressed for about a week. So no need but a want.

Have you noticed I like to challenge myself? How do you get creative when it comes to getting by on less? Please leave your comment below :-)

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