Roadtrip round the island

Alright, this is the lost post where I'm gonna bore you with my holiday pictures. But it just feels so good to see our faces in the sun enjoying our temporarily freedom and being blessed to be able to go on vacation.

Another selfie in the sun

Looking down from a monastery into the turquoise Ionic sea 

Me in a romper (I only wore it once, it made me look like I was 16) 

Feeling love from above 

Being a tourist and checking out Mellissani Lake 

Our temporarily back yard 

Here we were at a cute little tavern having lunch. I ate the garlic mashed potatoes. It tasted lovely but I smelled like vampire repellent till the next morning

The biggest doughnut we've ever seen. I must say the pastries there are to die for. 

Yet another frappe, our holiday drink 

We had a great time, can't wait to plan our next trip!

Were did you spend your summer holidays?

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