September 26th: just 3 more months till Christmas :-)

Yes I know, I'm early feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Christmas is a special time for me.
I love the ambiance that Christmas brings. Little sprakly lights everywhere, Christmas songs on the radio and decorating the house. My and S's parents are both divorced. The past years we always had a very busy Christmas, sometimes even celebrating a second Boxing Day on December 27th. I must say this is also an exhausting time, but I wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

This year we're celebrating Christmas at the inlaws on Christmas Eve. My mother in law always picks out the moste perfect tree. The top usually needs to be cut of to fit the little cozy salon. She picks a tree with wide branches full of lushious green needles. Sometimes there even is some snow left on the branches. I have no idea if we're getting a harsh winter. But having a white Christmas is somewhat like an extra bonus present.

Yes the presents, the pile seems to get bigger every single year. And of course her family is growing. My mom in law doesn't have a lot of money but she is fantastic when is comes to shopping sales en finding the perfect little presents for everyone.

I've already started with my Christmas shopping this month. This way I have plenty of time to find the right presents for everyone for a good price. It saves me on money and stress. 
I'm also making a few presents myself this year. I'm not gonna spoil for those who read my blog. But making presents myself is worth giving a try. It saves me money on making the product myself rather than buying it in the store. And It's really fun to do so. I've also gone crazy on wrapping the presents. Beautifull ribbons and homemade nametags and wrapping. It's so much fun to find and wrap the perfect present for a loved one. The girls in my family are never a problem to find a present for. But I always find it harder to get presents for the guys.
How do you do it? Whats kinda presents do you give to the men in your life? Suggestions welcome!

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