Story telling

Once upon a time in country, far, far away lived a princess. She had dark brown eyes and hair so long it almost touched the ground. She was living in a castle with her parents, the king and queen.
She had a big room all for herself. She had a bed with fluffy pillows and a night stand stacked with books. For the little princes loved to read. She liked to borrow her books at the village library. She could spend hours and hours browsing the endless rows of books while her nurse often dozed of in on of the comfortable arm chairs.

The princes didn't have much friends. She usually befriended one of the girls in the village for a while but most of the girls thought she was strange and different. And so the princes spent most of her time reading alone in her bedroom. She read about far away countries, about beautiful forests filled with the most incredible animals and the biggest flowers you can imagine.

Sometimes when the princes was tired of reading she took off while her nurse wasn't paying attention. She liked to wander the castle. Watching the cook prepare supper or observing the smith in the armory.
The princes knew she was different from the other children, but she couldn't figure out what it was.

One day there was a festival going on in the village. And the king and queen took the little princes out to join the festivities. There were massive tents, striped red and white. The temporary homes of the visitors. There were fruits and candies as sweet as early honey. There were acrobats showing of the crowd to engage them to visit the circus later that night. There were people wearing exotic, colorful clothing. There were birds with feathers as bright as the sun. The princes was overwhelmed by all this beauty and wandered of to find a quiet spot.

She walked to the edge of the festival grounds and found a smaller tent tucked away behind the elder trees. A delicious smell was coming from a cooking fire. The princes noticed that she was quite hungry and followed the scent. She opened the flap to the tent and saw a boy about her age. He was smaller than her with hair as blond as straw and eyes as green as emeralds. "Hi", the boy said. "Do you want to come in?". The princes was shy at first but couldn't ignore her rumbling tummy.
"My mom's just prepared lunch, would you like to have some?" The princes nodded and sat down on a green velvet pillow. "Are you a princes?", the boy asked.
The princes thought for a moment. She sensed that she liked the boy, there was something familiar about him. She didn't want to scare him away like the children in the village, so she lied. "No", she said. "I'm not a princes". "Oh, said the boy". "I thought only princesses wore such pretty dresses and crowns".
The princes's cheeks turned pink, but she merely smiled.
The boy handed here a plate with mashed potatoes, green vegetables and a chicken's leg. "Dig in", he said. "Don't let it get cold". The princes took a bite and while it tasted different from the food the cook prepared in the castle, she really liked it. "It's delicious", the princes said. The boy smiled and they ate in silence for a while.

When they finished there meals the boy asked: "Can you keep a secret?". The princes was intrigued and was curious about what the boy had to say. "Of course I can", she said. "What is it?".
"It's not something I can tell", the boy said. "But I can show you".

The boy took a handful of sand from the ground. "Watch", he said. The princes waited patiently while the boy concentrate on his handful of sand. But surely, the sand started to stir. A tiny little rosebud appeared out of the sand. Purple, the princes's favorite color. The rosebud slowly opened his petals to reveal a beautiful blossoming rose. "For you", the boy said. The princes took the flower from his hand and a tear slowly run across her cheek. "I knew there had to be someone out there like me", she said.

For the princes had kept a secret all her life. She also had an exclusive ability. She also was different.

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