Financial struggles from a pregnant woman's mind

Did you get a good night's rest tonight?
Fortunately I have. My biological alarm clock reminded me it's time to get up even though it's weekend so I did.

A lot has been going on the last couple of months. As you may have figured out I'm 'with child' and currently almost seven months a long. I always thought that being pregnant would be wonderful. The feeling of my head being in a pink fluffy cloud. Being proud of my growing belly and shining like a morning star.

It ain't like that. It ain't like that at all.
Pregnancy is not something you just do along with the rest of you life. It has a serious impact on all facets of your life. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I are so thankful that we got pregnant without trouble and already have so much love for that little one growing in my womb.
But pregnancy changes you, as a woman, as a person. And don't get me started about those hormones.
Hormones that work on your psyche. Hormones that make you feel insecure, a bit nutty and dependable. As what I read in pregnancy books and articles online, all of this is completely normal.
But why haven't I heard about all the challenging changes you have to endure? Are women afraid to jinx their pregnancy? Or are we pregnant woman not allowed to complain and supposed to just be happy that we are carrying the gift of life?

It feels good to let those kind of feelings out as well. Sigh…

Work has been quiet the last couple of weeks. My manager told me that currently 'we are in a vacuum'. At work, changes are also bound to happen.
I will take my maternity leave in the second week of january 2014. This means that I have eight more weeks of work ahead of me. Of course it's good that I'm not stressing out at work but I do want to spend my time at work in a meaningful way.

Here at home, baby gear has taking over a great deal of space in our laundry room and storage closets. Family has provided us with lots of lovingly used baby gear, clothes and accessories. I'm very glad we don't have to buy all this stuff new. Have you seen the prices on a new pram lately?
The hubs and I have set up a baby bank account on which we both save an amount each month. Currently I'm a bit insecure about our finances. I'm just afraid we won't have enough to provide for the baby.
My mind then asks: Is that the realistic truth? I know we will and can provide for the baby. And I'm used to living a frugal life. So why would living a frugal life with a baby be so different?
Damn you hormones.

How about you?
Feel free to share your thoughts about the truth of being pregnant below ;-)

note: this a throwback post, I'm not pregnant again!;-)


  1. It will all work out, trust me.
    let it come day by day. just relax, kick back and enjoy.


  2. Being pregnant can add to fears. My husband was the one who worried about the financials. I worried about everything else. LOL! Thanks for linking up for #Throwback Thursday.

    1. Hi Denise, Thank you for your reply. See you again next time!

  3. Pinned! Pregnancy is a stressful time


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