2013: 13 Things to be thankful for

As I started this blog to focus on the meaningful little things in life I think it's important to think back of the past year. So many aspects of your life can change in one year. The 13 things I'm thankful for this year are:

1. My job.
You spent so much time at your job. It's not so strange it makes such a big impact wether you like what you do or not. When I was let go from my old job in March it was a blessing. I wasn't happy at the company I worked for and being let go really opened a new door, a new oppurtunity.
I'm so grateful to now work for a company where I'm appreciated and to have such nice co-workers.

I work in the building left from the white one.

2. My husband. 
In the summer of 2014 we'll be together for 5 years and still going strong. Being in a relationship is hard work. But I love to see and feel how much we've grown as individuals and as a couple. Communication is one of the focal points for us. But it keeps getting better.

3. My family
When I was younger I didn't really have a good relationship with my parents. When I moved out at 20 years old to live at my own apartment things started to improve. Especially with my mom. We now live even closer to her so it's easy to drop by for a cup of coffee and talk to each other. Thankfully the hubs likes my mom and is always happy to come along. My dad recently moved to Germany but we stay in touch much more often then before.

4. Growth
I have struggled with fighting depression for quite some years. But every year I get stronger. And that is something I'm really proud of. I've found the weapons to battle the 'dark cloud' which can appear out of nowhere sometimes. When it appears it can struck me like lightning. But I know that too will pass. That I am strong enough to overcome the battle again.

5. Making music
In november the Rising Tigers had their very first show. We played at a party for the crew of the co-workers of our drummer and pianist. It was so much fun! We were all a bit nervous but we did it. People even started dancing and sang along. What a great experience for us. Our next band practice is on january 5th, can't wait.

6. Becoming pregnant
When the hubs and I decided to try to have a baby things went really fast. It happened sooner than we expected but we were very grateful to be healthy and to receive this wonderful gift. The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy flew by. The hormones started kicking in in my second trimester. There were some intense moments were I felt so overwhelmed by these emotions. But together we got through them. And now we look at each other and say: wow we're becoming parents in 6 weeks, holy cow!

7. Our little garden
Yes, I get happy when I look out of our window and see the plants I planted with love. It took two years for the garden to look reasonable, although it's only like 3m2. Do you know that plants are quite expensive? That's why I took it step by step. Two Christmas's ago I received a crate full of flower bulbs  which I planted the next day. Colorful tulips and other early Spring flower will be rising up from next month on again. I also planted some plants that will last for several years so I don't need to replace them every year. The kitties also like to look at all the insects that crawl around there like slugs and bees.

8. Netflix
The hubs and I love to watch films and tv-shows. We got one trial month of Netflix and were hooked.
We are currently watching Grimm and I love the intrigues of The Tudors. Great entertainment after a day of work or when it's cold an dreadful outside.

9. Our house
Although our rent is sky high I love the house we live in. After living together in my old 37m2 one bedroom apartment for 1,5 years the house we now live in has so much more to offer. We can have some time alone when we need it. And there are enough places for storage.
We are thinking about buying a house but for that we first need to save some more money. But who knows what the new year will bring.

10. Friends
For me it's very important to also have a life of my own next to that of being part of a couple. I have a few friends which I don't see very often but the bond I have with them will always be strong. Because I was so tired recently I didn't have much energy to meet up with friends. But I know that will get better too.


11.  My Peugeot 106
The Peugeot 106 and I have been together for about 3 years. It's a tiny silver car from 1999.
Having a car has brought me freedom, in-dependancy and comfort. And now with a baby on the way I don't know what to do without my little old trusty car.
The disadvantage of having a car that's quite old is that the seat belts are really short. I tried installing the baby car seat but I just didn't have enough seatbelt to wrap around it. Does anybody have tips for this inconvenience?

12. My health
Im very thankful that I'm healthy. I think your health is something people take for granted.
A friend of mine past away just two years ago at 26. She was sick and her heart couldn't take it anymore. Her motto was: love, life, air. It's always awful to have to let such young people go. I hope she's now in a place where she can breath freely.

13. Living in the Netherlands
I'm very fortunate to live in the Netherlands. When I see how the standard of living is in some other countries I wonder how there can be such big differences. The Dutch are known to always complain but comparing to East-European countries or third world countries we have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have a roof over my head, a job so I can buy good food and clean water straight from the tap. I am thankful

What are you thankful for this year?

Please leave a comment below.


  1. It's always good to look back at all the positive aspects of the past year!

  2. Fijn om te lezen dat je zo positief in het leven staat. Wist ik al. Net zoals je een doorzetter bent. Love u. Xx

  3. Your going to need a bigger (multi-door) car!

  4. Erg leuk om je lijstje te hebben gelezen Mandy. Positive vibes :-) Gr, Patrick

  5. Thnx 4 sharing!!

  6. Aaahhh wat lief! Leuk lijstje! Maar voel me vereerd (ookal ben ik niet blij met mijn foto ;-) ) dat ik erbij mag staan!
    Hetzelfde geld voor mij meis, ik ben niet iemand die elke week met iedereen afspreekt. Als je maar weet dat je in mijn hart zit en ik je als een zeer goede vriendin beschouw! Dikke knuffel en kus! X Gwen

  7. Hi Gwen, sorry voor die foto. Ik heb hem gelijk aangepast ;-)
    En samen here!

  8. Hahahaha hoef je geen sorry voor te zeggen, het is een mooie confrontatie van de werkelijkheid ;-). Ben ermee bezig zodat we in de toekomst mooiere foto's maken kunnen! Maar thnx voor het aanpassen! Xx


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