Christmas 2013

Christmas was really wonderful this year. We spended Christmas Eve with the in laws. My mom in law always has a massive mountain of presents underneath the Christmas tree. We got there about 5.30u pm and finished unwrapping round midnight. Of course we had some great food along the way: sate with peanut sauce made by my stepbrother-in law Colin.
It was great to have everyone together but it was also intense. I got really tired and my belly cramped up. So at the strike of midnight I was glad we decided to call it a day and head home.

Christmas Day itself was nice and quiet. The last couple of years Christmas's were always hectic because we celebrated it three days in a row. Now my dad has moved to Germany he decided to drop by our place to have some coffee and exchange gifts. They gave us these really cute leather baby slippers and a pirate beanie for the baby. My dad was glad with his new blue-rays and Babette was happy with her homemade lavender body scrub.

On Boxing day we went over to my mom's. I believe everybody was happy with their gifts and we couldn't wait to start dinner. We had a nice long table set out with three Tepanyaki's, kinda like a big baking plate. There were little portions of fish, meat and my hubbies favorite: pancake batter.
It took quite some time to bake a pancake but he managed to have two nice and fluffy ones. 

My mom made this great vegetable oven dish with sweet potatoes, courgette, unions and cherry tomatoes. The electricity gave way half way through dinner but that didn't spoil the fun. We continued our feast with two Tepanyaki's and for the first time ever we did't have any leftovers! Good job mom for not buying enough food for an orphanage ;-)
My sister and aunt provided us with a lovely dessert of choosing of apple pie, Vienetta ice cream and mocha cake. I enjoyed the ice cream very much. For me ice cream is the perfect ending of a perfect dinner.

Good bye Christmas, see you next year!

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