Emerald marriage

My mother in law has a boyfriend: Mark. He is a wonderful stepdad to my hubby and a great father in law to me. His parents recently had their 55th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? It's so nice to see that it is possible that a couple stays together for a life time. 55 years means an emerald marriage and reason enough to celebrate. We don't see grandpa Piet and grandma Stefi quite often. But they are very happy about becoming somewhat of great grand parents.
Because my sis in law and her husband are in town all the way from South Africa they took us out to dinner to get to know u all a little better.

From left to right: Cobie, grandma Stefi, Jurgen, grandpa Piet, Mark, Hubs, Sanne

We went to a lovely restaurant with a lot of great choices of fish and meat on the menu.  I choose the spareribs which were so tender they fell of the bone. The others choose gamba's and my mom in law had the entrecĂ´te.

Thank you grandma Stefi and grandpa Piet for a great time. We wish you a lot more great years together!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful Photo's and the heartwarming comments !
    Kind regards Grannies Piet @ Stephie

  2. Looks like a cool place to have dinner!


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