Spotlight: Airwick Multicolor Candle

My mom never throws a big party on her birthday. But of course, we were going to drop by to congratulate her and give her the presents we got her. I called her to see if she was already awake and dressed. She said she was up for hours already and that we could come over. I told her we were going to town first to buy an iPad sleeve for the Hubs. She asked me to pick up the Airwick Multicolor Candle because her old one had burnt-out.

As she mentioned multicolor I assumed it would be one of those fake candles with leds inside.
We went to the store and after some browsing we found it. It was an actual candle and I was curious about the multicolor effect because it looked plain white to me.
There were apple cinnamon and wood scented candles. Hubs didn't like the apple cinnamon so we went with the wood scented one. He also suggested to get one for our own home as well. I checked the packaging and it promised the candle would burn for 30 hours! Okay that did it for me.

We went over to my moms and she was very happy with her presents. We sat down for some tea and cake and mom decided to use her new candle. It smelled it amazing! And the color changing effect is awesome! It went from blue to purple to pink to red and back to orange. My mom told me she and her boyfriend had tried figuring out how it worked. On the bottom there's a tiny battery and multiple led lights. They think the effect is caused by infra-red light when the candle is burning. I was really enthusiastic about it. When we got home I unwrapped and lighted our own Airwick Multicolor candle and was very content with it.

Little things like gorgeous smelling color changing candles can really make this girl happy :-)

What has made you happy today?

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