Baby boy nursery

I'm in my 38th week of pregnancy and can't wait for baby to arrive. To be honest, I'm getting quite bored here at home. Getting rounder and rounder but still no sign of baby boy's arrival.

Today I want to show you the nursery.
We got a great deal on secondhanded furniture. We choose a white wash crib, changing table and closet.
My mom was so kind to repaint some teeth marks on the crib, and now it looks just like new.

Hubby got this super cute Dikkie Dik nightlight
Sweet little sitting nook with a beautifull baby blue bench restaurated by grandpa Mark and a hand crocheted blanket from great grandma Stefi.

Changing table with floating shelf to keep products out of baby's reach.

Ready to pop!

Baby's first books and toys.


So now you have sneaked a peak in our nursery and on my ever growing belly.
I just got back from my now weekly apppointment with my midwife. My bloodpressure was great as always, the baby was still snug upside down in my womb and his heartbeat is getting so loud :-)
I didn't even gain weight this week so that's nice.

Do you have tips on baby must haves I need for the nursery?

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