Baby boy wardrobe

I've been reading a lot and asking arround about how many clothes baby is going to need.
It's the same as with diapers I guess, you don't know till baby arrives if he will be tall or chubby.

Yesterday I took out all the little clothes in the wardrobe and it seems I have enough in size 50-56.
We received lots of clothes as gifts already and also a lot of hand me downs which still look pretty good.

We've got 3 hooded vests.

5 Cute little shirts

4 sleeved onesies

8 sleeveless onesies. The one with all the stars's my favorite.

6 pairs of pants. Of course baby's gonna rock some sweatpants.

One pair of footed pajama's


Lots of teenie weenie socks thanks to cousin Jenoah.

Two little hats for inside the house.

We've also got lots of clothes in the bigger sizes already. It's nice to have these on hand as well. And I suspect we'll recieve even more clothes when people come visit our little one (if he ever comes out).

How many clothes did you have for your baby? Did you have too much or did you miss essential pieces?

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