Brighten your home with flower bulbs

This Christmas I received two crates of flower bulbs from Santa. I love to plant flower bulbs in our garden and have colorful flowers spring out of the cold earth. But since I'm 34 weeks pregnant it didn't seem like a good idea to me to plant them outside this time. My middle sister came up with the idea to use them inside the house. Since I have 340 bulbs laying in our storage room I decided to get creative and make little Happy 2014 giveaways.

I rummaged around the house tot find glass jars and containers to fill with bulbs. I used tea light holders, empty and cleaned mason jars, small vases and candle holders. I experimented by planting several bulbs in a small layer of water and others in a layer of soil.

My mom in law got me these cute tea cups from a garage sale, excellent for planting bulbs!

You can use anything that's made of waterproof material. I made a couple for NYE for my aunt to give away. And now I just love to make them and give away to friends and family.
When you've planted the bulbs in their containers you can also sprinkle the soil with little decorative stones to make it a bit fancier.

To really present them as a gift I cut small strips of shiny paper and put them around the containers.
I wrapped them in cellophane, put a ribbon on it and attached a little tag.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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