Dressing the bump@38 weeks

I have been very happy wearing my black sweatpants, day after day. They're warm and comfortable.
And about the only pants that fit me now. But on one boring friday I decided to visit my sister in her hometown (while I still can) and get out of the house. Do you ever have that feeling the walls are enclosing you? And with my sweet hubby having his daddy day on friday already it all seemed a little too crowded at home. I decided my good old sweatpants really needed a wash after this intensive usage and rummaged arround in my closet for clothes a little more appropriate.

I love this short denim pregnancy skirt. It has a big elastic band to support my tummy and yet it doesn't look like maternity wear. And yay it still fits in my 9th month!
The top's from H&M's maternity line and the vest is a little sister hand me down.

Not to bad right?

What were you're favorite pieces to wear during the last weeks of your pregnanacy?

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