Family Fun at the Shoe- and Leather Museum

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The thing I most appreciate in life is sharing. Especially sharing experiences with family members or friends.
I have two beautiful younger sisters. We don't live in the same town but we meet up quite regularly.
With my middle sister I share the interest in culture and museums. We decided to visit the locally centered Shoe- and Leather Museum.

We both love shoes and my sister has her own clothing line so our visit was both educational and fun as well.

We started of our visit with tea/coffee and freshly baked cookies in the museum cafe.

There were lots of crazy looking shoes displayed.
The shoes with the spikes were used to pick up chestnuts.

From left to right:
The cloak of Saint Crispin, the shoemakers patron
leather horse halters
Jessi@the children's exhibition
golden leather!
craft table for shoe production
Jessi trying out a sarcophagus
The museum is worth to pay a visit. Especially with children since the museum has a special exhibition were you can feel different  kind of fabrics and leather and learn from which animals leather can be made.
I'm definitely taking my little one to museum once he's old enough, can't wait!

Do you know any good museums worth visiting with kids?

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