Story time: Just one second

Sunday, januari 5th 2014

I awoke with a fuzzy head. Still mesmerized by the strange dreams I had earlier this night.
I hate to wake up like this.
I got out of bed and walked downstairs. My dry mouth desperately needed some refreshment.
After I opened the fridge and decided nothing in there could quench my thirst I rummaged the pantry to find a box of cherry juice. Ah, much better.
A stale bun was topped with cheese and placed in the toaster. I brought the wireless back to life and headed upstairs again with my grilled cheese.

My trusty Mac started his day as well. I'd just opened Word when I heard a strange noise.
It was coming from the community garden just behind our house.
I sneaked a peek out of the window to see two dark figures standing on the grass.
I thought I could see the shapes of a woman and a tall man.

They were arguing. Not loudly but in hushed tones. The woman's was carrying a rug sack and was trying to walk away.
But the man grabbed her forearm as if not wanting to let her go.
The day was slowly gathering strength and I could see the face of the woman becoming clearer. She had light skin and dark eyebrows. Her reddish hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was beautiful. I was wondering if I should call the police but I didn't really know what to say.
Tell'em a couple was standing in the garden talking to each other?

The man finally let go of the woman's arm. She walked away and he said something to her.
She turned around and saw me standing in the window. Our eyes met for just one second.
The pain I saw in hers was indescribable. It was not the pain of a woman being molested by her husband or boyfriend. But the pain of not wanting to let go. It was the pain of farewell.

I decided I was being very rude watching this intimate scene so I turned away from the window and sat down again.

As of this day I still think about that woman sometimes. About the pain in her beautiful eyes and the sad scene I'd witnessed. One look, one glance can tell so much sometimes.

When was the last time you really looked at someone?

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