Lunch@Happy Italy

Today was nice and relaxed. I had a date planned with Vief and Babs to have lunch in the city. I decided to go on bike. Which was the last time. Pff…I was glad I could sit down for a couple of hours after that little trip from home to town.

Vief wanted pasta so we went to Happy Italy. A big restaurant with a beautiful interior.
We all ordered pasta. I myself had the tagliatelle Bianca which tasted nice and fresh with lots of parsley an olive oil.

I'm in love with this staircase/bookcase@Happy Italy

This year me and my girlfriends turn 30! Vief had the great idea to all celebrate this special event together. We talked about going away for the weekend to London or any other exciting city. Another thing to do during my leave: looking for cool places to go for a fantastic 30th birthday weekend :-)

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