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Tomorrow I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. So from tomorrow on, 'it' can happen any day. I'm trying not hoping too much that baby will arrive early cause then it can be a very long 5 weeks. Last night I dreamed that baby was born and sprouted a head full with jet black hair and that I was breastfeeding him. Hubby has blond hair but his mom told me he had black hair when he was a new born, so it is possible.
It's funny to hear everybody speculating if our baby will be pale or a bit colored because of my Indonesian background. I guess we just have to wait and see!

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling a wee down. Not sure what to do with all my free pre baby days. Yesterday I finally went out of the house, hoping that some fresh air and daylight would do me good. I hopped over to the mailbox to send away my love to some of my close friends.

I also asked around what other veteran moms did in their maternity leave.
Here are some of their advices:

  • buying clothes and goodies for little one
  • visiting my mom or sister
  • taking a walk, enjoying fresh air
  • watching tv, reading, call a friend
  • designing birth announcements/garlands
  • making a toy chest
  • reading magazines
  • organizing insurances for baby (health plan, funeral)
  • arranging daycare and bank account
  • enjoying the peace and quiet while you still can
  • spending time on you and you alone

Today I'll be seeing the physiotherapist for the second time. Last week she taught me a few excercises to help control the problems I've been having in my pelvis. And tonight hubby is going along to our midwife, she will be checking up on me and the baby and hand us the instructions on when to call once baby decides to arrive.

I will keep you posted about taking on the mommy advices ;-)

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