Succes in 30 days: money

Yesterday I received a letter concerning my college loan. The letter stated I am supposed to start paying of my loan as from this month on. Holy cow.
With a baby on the way, thus meaning working fewer hours and having more costs this isn't really helping my sanity at the moment. But hey, I have to deal with it and find a way to reconsider my monthly budget.

Dear friend Tessa gave me a book called: 'Succes in 30 days: money' by Caro Handley. A guideline to get your finances in order within a month. Worth trying though, right?

The book is divided in 30 days, 30 chapters.
Day 1: Money is important
The first chapter is about your relationship with money. The author quotes a dozen situations about how your relationship with money is. Let's see which quote suits me.
- Your salary is reasonable and you can get by the month without a lot of problems but you don't think you have your financial situation in order. I always make sure not to spend more money than is in my bank account.
- I have my daily spendings under control but bigger things like pension and investments ar a mystery to me. Pension? Investments?

I think I have my finances under controle but I'm afraid of what the future might bring. I'm living below my means and have some money in my savings for unexpected expenses. But I'm worried because as of next month my life will change drastically with the birth of our baby. So for my peace of mind I want to find out which things I can change to feel confident about the future.

Well, tomorrow we'll see what Day 2 will bring me.

How did you financially prepare before your first child was born?

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  1. Succes er mee! Hopelijk staan er bruikbare tips voor je in! Liefs, Tessa


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