Succes with money in 30 days: Day 2

Day 2: Your principles

In chapter two you have to find out what your principle's are when it comes to money. The author suggests that principles can discourage you in life. Our thoughts and believes are based on principles and we act the way we think. Everything we think and do originates from these principles.

Which principles are holding me back at the moment?
- I will never earn a lot of money
- I'm always afraid that I will run out of money

It's important to choose to forsakes these thoughts and believe in more positive principles and thinking. It's time to believe in abundance and to allow money in your life.

Positives principles can be:
- There is more than enough money to make ends meet
- I deserve it to live in wealth
- I can earn as much money as I want
- I respect the incoming bills and I am happy with what I've bought because I know I can pay for it
- I have my finances organized so I can be generous but still save
- I choose to enjoy the money I have because I know there will alway be plenty of it

I really believe in the power of positive thinking. I don't mean I want to get rich fast. I'd just like to be more confident about my finances. It takes time to replace negative thoughts with positive ones but it's so worth to try to change the way you're thinking.

'Who chooses to believe in abundance feels richer right away'.

What are your principles when it comes to money?

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