Succes with money in 30 days: Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the succes with money challenge. This day (and chapter) is all about self esteem. How confident are you when it comes to money? The height of your self esteem has a big influence on the ways you handle money, according to author Caro Handley.
Simply said: Your self esteem resembles the way you think of yourself.

To find out how high your self esteem about money is, there are a few questions you have to ask yourself:
- Do you worry a lot about money?
- Do you doubt it if you're able to earn the amount you want to earn?
- Do you often borrow money from friends and family?
- Do you feel unhappy when you think about money?
- Do you feel guilty when you have money?
- Do you think you spend your money too easily?
- Don't you want to know how much money there is in your checking account?

If you've answered one of the questions with yes than your self esteem according to money isn't as high as it could be. If you've answered more than 3 questions with yes, you're self esteem is quite low.

Bringing up your self esteem brings advantages to all aspects of your life. When you feel good about yourself  its seems you are more in control of everything. You have better judgment and won't as easily spend money just to cheer yourself up.

Increase your self esteem when it comes to money and feel stronger.

- Focus on your positive features instead of fretting about your mistakes or flaws.
- Take good care of yourself and help yourself grow.
- When you are dealing with negative issues from your past, try to resolve them and leave them in the past. Try to forgive everyone including yourself. Remember that each day you can choose happiness over misery and that you can draw strength from the pain from your past.

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