Succes with money in 30 days: Day 5 'Don't bury your head in the sand'.

The first chapters have been all about awereness. Knowing what you're spending your money on and realising if the choices you are making are good or not so smart.

Today's chapter is about buriying your head in the sand. The author claims that all people who are unclear, unhappy and unsatisfied about the way they handle money are showing osterich behaviour.

Are you in denial about your money issues? Are you ignoring the truth? As long as you act this way you'll never feel in control about your finances.

Do you ever do one of the following things?
- Ignoring bank statements
- Buying things you don't have the money for
- Blindly trusting in the fact that everything will be all right
- Buying shoes, clothes and purses in an addictive way

Well, stop ignoring reality and get your head out of the sand. This is not the way to live life.
In the end it will be a waste of money and a way to stay poor.

Value yourself and take a step in the direction of financial freedom. 

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