Dressing the bump: 39 weeks

Today I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I can't wait for baby boy to arrive!
My last check-up was perfect. Still a nice and low blood pressure, baby's position still ready for lift off and his heart beat was really strong and loud.
I didn't even gain weight :-)

Today I'm meeting my middle sister for lunch in the city. I decided I'm going by car just in case my water might break and I'll be able to go home quickly. I took the time to get dressed this morning and put on some make-up. It's going to be about 9 degrees C today so I don't even need my thermo leggings and went for a paterned thinner pair instead.

longsleeve: H&M Maternity
camo shirt: somewhere on sale
denim skirt: H&M Maternity
tights: Christmas gift
boots: on sale
The last week I've been having a really dry nose and throat at night. It's very uncomfortable and causes me to snore. Sorry hubby. While I'm up and about in town I might as well go look for a air humidifier to ease my nose.

What are you up too this week?

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