Diary: Inspiration

My alone time space is nearly finished. I just need to make it inspiring.
Drilling holes in these rock hard walls takes too much effort for my cheap ass drill. It's not ok when smokes appears when drilling, does it?

Our other cat is meowing and scratching the door post. What is it with these kitties that they need to be everywhere I am?

There's bird poo on the windows. They haven't been washed since we've moved in. Note to self: *window washing anytime soon.

Order. Everything must be sorted by color, height and category. Serenity is what I seek. Tranquility for my eyes and head. Away with all this stuff!

A glass table top. Not my cup of tea. I'd rather have a wooden one.
Dust on the foot of my desk lamp. Dusting of forgotten pieces of me.
My eyes sting. I should clean more often I suppose. But I hardly have the time or the energy to keep up with our household these days. This house is too big, too much stuff.

Another sip of water. My mouth is dry after all the sushi I ate. Will freeing my thoughts with my pen get rid of the chaos in my head?
I really should fix that wobbly lamp.

Ooh, how I'd like to sleep for 8 hours straight, uninterrupted...

Do you have any tips on how to cope with sleep deprivation after the arrival of your baby?

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