What I'm wearing today: Back to work

Since pants aren't an option right now leggings are a good alternative for me. The fabric and waistband are stretchy and I can wear longer and wider tops with them. I'm not satisfied by the way my legs look in these blue leggings (still pregnant!) but hey I just had a baby. So I'm giving myself another 3 months to slowly get back in shape and look like the old me again.

I take my pictures with an old compact digital camera. Getting a better camera is on our wish list ;-)

The leggings were a present. I find the black lace H&M top very versatile to wear. It might be a good candidate for a once piece different ways article. The grey tanktop was a hand me down from my sister and the boots I got secondhand. This mommy has to be frugal when it comes to buying new clothes.

How do you get by since the arrival of your bundle of joy?

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