Goals for August


One of my ways to focus myself is setting goals. I write down the things I want to accomplish and try to make them SMART. That's one thing I learned in college: making SMART goals.

S> Specific
M> Measurable
A> Acceptable
R> Realistic
T> Timebound

And if you want to take it up a notch you can add an I for Inspiring.

By setting up your goals this way they become easier to grasp and accomplish.

For instance. I've devided my goals up in 3 categories: mind, body and soul and have written out the goal specific to that category.

- replacing light bulbs for low energy light bulbs
Specific: replacing al the lightbulbs in our home for low energy ones
Measurable: counting how many need to be replaced
Acceptable: setting up a budget
Realistic: a lot of bulbs have already been replaced so it shouldn't take too much time or money
Timebound: all lightbulbs should be replaced by August 25th
Inspiring: low energy light bulbs use less energy which is better for the environment ánd my bank account

-exercising twice a week during my summer vacation
Specific: exercising on tuesdays and thursdays from august 11th till august 29th
Measurable: i'll be working out with my sister
Acceptable: it's only an increase by 1
Realistic: as I have 3 free weeks I should be able to manage this
Timebound: each workout session should be at least one class or one hour in the gym
Inspiring: working out will definetely enhance a good mood and will make me feel better about my body

-enjoying our summer vacation with low funds
Specific: Having quality time with my family during the summer holidays
Measurable: you can follow the fun stuff we do on this blog
Acceptable: this goal will take some creativity but is surely manageable
Realistic: with thinking outside the box there should be lots of activities that don't cost a lot of money
Timebound: the activities will take place during august 11th and august 29th
Inspiring: getting closer as a family

What are your ways to set realistic goals?

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