Radical self love

Do you love yourself?
Perhaps a somewhat strange question. But is it, really?
What other person than yourself is more worthy of your own love?

I think a lot of people don't love themselves. Or not enough anyways. I myself am one of them.
Over the last couple of years I've slowly learned to accept the person I am, with all my flaws and all of my blessings. It is a long road I tell ya.

A few years a go I came across the blog of Gala Darling. A self proclaimed radical self love guru
She shares her road to self love and inspires you to do the same.
As of today you can follow her challenge: Radical Self Love July. Every day of the month july is a day of trying to love yourself a little bit more. More about Gala's challenge here.

Check out my Silly Selfie on Instagram. Yes I am using Instagram now, I'm even on Twitter nowadays :-P
I don't make a lot of Selfies and taking one was a challenge by itself. I actually felt a bit ashamed trying to make a funny face and making a picture of myself. But I did it anyway.

I am a person who loves a good challenge but actually finishing one takes a lot more effort.
So let's see how far I'll come.

What do you do to love yourself?

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