Wednesday: mommy and me

Wednesday is my mommy day.  And usually we go out to run an errand or take a walk in the park. But it has been raining since we woke up so I guess we'll stay in. Baby boy is taking a nap so time for me to write :-)
My little one is growing up so fast. I always thought that it was a cliche when people say that. But is isn't. Yesterday Logan rolled over by himself and I was so proud!

I think it is also time for a photo shoot of my little marshmellow (it's my nickname for him because his arms and legs are so nice and fluffy).

My baby boy will be 5 months old in a few days. He isn't a fragile newborn anymore but becoming a big boy with a big personality.

We've been giving him mashed fruits and vegetables for over a month now and he loves it! His favorite fruit is pear and he loves potatoes and caulliflower. He's very thirsty still and askes for a bottle (210ml) every 4 hours or so. He also likes a nighttime bottle around 4am. My hubby and I take turns feeding him his nighttime bottles. I was hoping the nigh time feedings would be over by now but I hope when he eats more solids he'll be more satisfied throughout the night.

His favorite toys are little cloths to nibble on or rattles which he can easily hold. The new activity board in his playpen is getting a lot of attention as well.
Can't believe I've been a mommy for almost half a year now. I love to see my little one grow, develop and explore his world. I love being a mom :-)

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