Love is the flower you've got to let grow - JL

Things are getting along nicely on our roof terrace. A few months a go I've planted several seeds in different sized pots. It's actually a very good way for me to be more patient. Every day I check the pots for weeds and water them if necessary. It's amazing to see how fast some of them are growing.

My rose mallow is a slow grower. I've planted quite a lot of seeds but only three of them have sprouted.

 The green beans are doing great. It doesn't take long for the seeds to sprout and develop to an actual plant. It's blooming fully now and the first baby beans are appearing!

The tomato seeds have been waiting for sunshine to come out of hiding. I'm not sure if they'll grow fast enough to actually produce some tomatoes this summer. But I can always place them inside if the temperature drops. The first flowers have appeared though.

The sun loving chili plants have taken a massive growth spurt. Don't they look luscious?
Can't wait for them to grow chili's.

Are you growing your own veggies, fruits or flowers?

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