Clearing the clutter: day 2

Today my younger sister is here to take care of my son. This gives me time to clean, organize and declutter. After starting in the kitchen yesterday, I've focused on the linnen closet and bathroom.
To my surprise I've found a lot of packaging lying around.

The haul of day two
This is what I've found:
-packaging: the top protection cap of my deodorant, a flyer with info concerning tampon usage, a container for bath bombs and a piece of a box that contained a shower gel.
-sticker: after cleaning my mirror I've decided to take the sticker of for easier cleaning. It was once given to me in a card by my girlfriends from school when I was feeling blue. Although it has sentimental value to me I've chosen to discard it. I still have the card with the kind words from my friends to keep.
-a thingy to put on the end of electrical wires. We're still a lamp short in our bathroom and one of these thingies actually fell down.
-a receipt of my husbands' contact lenses.
-2 pieces of string.

Living with less waste is also something I'm focussing on. I'm saying no to receipts when I'm sure I don't need them. It's a little thing to start with, but I think this is a lifestyle change. So starting with baby steps feels good to me.

Our linnen 'closet'  where we keep bedsheets, towels, toiletpaper and two baskets with personal products.

I've placed two baskets in front of our bathroom mirror to organize the products we use daily like toothbrushes and contact lens solution.

How are your bathroom cabinets looking today?

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