Personal Declutter Challenge: 2015 items to declutter in 2015

Ever since I was a kid I had a thing for neat and organized surroundings in order for my head to be organized. Now I'm in my thirties, that hasn't changed much, but my life did.

From growing up in a medium sized bedroom, moving out to my own one-bedroom apartment at 20 years old to living together with my husband, son and two cats in our very own house. More people, and bigger surroundings meant more stuff. But the stuff felt more and more like crap to me as time went by. I find decluttering an ongoing process. Stuff keeps coming in and needs a place to live. I've donated several boxes to goodwill and sold some of our old stuff on the Dutch version on Craigslist.
However; the clutter can't seem to be tamed.

Therefor I'm trying my luck in a PDC: Personal Declutter Challenge. After browsing for efficient ways to get rid of crap and trying out a few of them I'm taking more drastic measures.
This year I'm getting rid of 2015 items in the year 2015. That means 5 or 6 items per day.

I started of in the kitchen which seems to be the place to start according to many other clutter busters.
We've moved to our new home mid November '14. Our new kitchen is slightly bigger then our old one. My declutter journey begins with my kitchen drawers....

The fist three drawers were a-ok. Cutlery, placemats and utensils neatly placed in divided sections of the drawer. But dear me, what's up with this junk drawer? Everyone seems to have one (or more) of these crap filled, overflowing drawers with tidbits. So tell me, what's in yours?

Drawer 1: not to bad 'ey?
Drawer 2: cutlery

Drawer 3: utensils in need of dividers
Drawer 4: the dreaded junk drawer
The first 6 decluttered items of 2015!

The first 6 items I decluttered are:
- 3 screws. We have plenty of screws in our toolbox and after our move I seem to find them everywhere
- one peeling knife. There were 3 peeling knives living in drawer no 2. One of the 'declutter' rules I learned is to get rid of multiples. I don't think we're ever gonna use 3 peeling knives at once so surely 2 will do the trick (or if I'm brave, another one will get decluttered in a future round ;-)
- 1 tidbit from or old dishwasher
- a scrap of linnen which I cut of one of our new window blinds to make it fit

Now the hard part is to keep up.

How do you get rid of unwanted clutter in your life?

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